Client Services & Fee Options

The best candidates prefer to work with a credible placement firm!

The Hutton Group specializes in the placement of executives and leaders in hospitals, integrated health systems, physician practices, managed care and consulting.

  • We have experts who can assist you in find the best, not the only available applicant.
  • The president and all our consultants are healthcare professionals.
  • Even our research assistants have prior medical background.

Using our Services Saves you Time and Money!  

We eliminate the expensive costs associated with:

  • Your own advertising and recruiting;
  • Handling an increase of e-mail and fax volume;
  • Screening and interviewing unqualified applicants.

Our fee is a known factor that can be budgeted. Instead of being a deterrent, our fee actually facilitates the hiring process. On your own you never know the ultimate cost. 

The candidates we send you are qualified and interested in your position and are not there merely to sharpen their interviewing skills.


Your Options Include:

Executive / Management Search

A percentage of the fee of the estimated first year’s salary is paid up front as a retainer and the total estimated fee is paid in three segments over the tenure of the search. This guarantees a portion of one of our consultant’s time to fill your special need. This should always be the choice for high level positions with a salary of up to $100K or better.

Engagement / Exclusive Fee

Desirable when a position must be filled quickly and when specifications call for a hard-to-find candidate. The client gives our company a limited period of time, usually 90 days, to fill this need and pays a onetime $5,000 retainer, which is deducted from the final fee.

Contingency Service

Enables the client to review candidates who are already known our group. The employer’s obligation occurs only if a candidates accepts an offer.


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